art | 27
pigeon irl


hi i'm art (or elis). i'm 27 + i live in new zealand + im white + im gay and trans.
he/him pronouns only please.
i don't have a name preference feel free to use either or alternate between them. i mostly use elis irl if that's what you're concerned about

sometimes i lock for privacy's sake but it's generally ok to follow. if i don't want you following me for whatever reason i'll most likely block/sb you, sorry

mostly a gbf account these days but i also like: bleach (and bbs), golden kamuy, jjk, jjba, bsd, vinland saga, hamatora, hatoful boyfriend, touken ranbu. im a nerd about gacha game bullshit meta sorry

belial is my fav granblue character i'm sorry i'm like this

twitter icon from bsd wan
twitter header is from this book
profile icon is by @moa810

thank you for reading


please do not follow me if:

i might not follow you back if you're a lot younger than me (i.e under 18) or we don't have any friends/mutuals in common, or if i don't recognize you. i'm awful at talking to new people sorry. also if i'm following someone you have a problem with feel free to talk to me about it i'll most likely be happy to at least hear you out

feel free to unfollow/block/etc at any time, though i'd appreciate being softblocked when unfollowed. you don't have to tell me if you do. it's also ok to dm me about anything on here if you're not sure or if something isn't clear.